What is an event planner?

What is an event planner

You bring your ideas of arranging an event and event planners make it happen for you in a very smooth and good manner which can easily attract the audience.

How to become an event planner?

The term ‘event planner’ fascinates all of us. We have a picture in our mind that it is one of the easiest job all you need to have a creative mind which can think of different ideas but this is what we think. The reality is it’s one of the most stressful job. There are few qualities that can make you a good event planner like you must be punctual, you must have the skill to convince people, and you should have a great knowledge about the types of event, availability of venue.

These were the basic qualities to become an event planner but there is a whole process of becoming an event planner. So, if you are interested in becoming one then this article will help you in a way that it has mentioned some requirements to become an event planner.

Getting a bachelor’s degree: The step to step into this field is that you must have a bachelor’s degree in meeting and event management. Without having a degree, you can’t be called an event planner. There is a different variety of courses that you can choose in this field and some of the courses are accounting, human resources, negotiating, sales etc. You can also get your hands in this field by having bachelor’s degree in marketing, promotions, management in business, etc. There’s a wide scope of event management in UAE.

Work Experience: Wherever you go in the world, you’ll be asked the same question when you’ll go for a job that much work experience do you have in the related field. Work experience matters the most and it helps you to learn different things, helps you to face different type of clients and it might also help you in a way that you get the experience of facing different types of situations. There are many ways to gain experience in your field like internship or you can organize small events in the beginning to prove your skills. You can get the experience by working in event management company in Abu Dhabi.

Portfolio: The portfolio will help you get more clients as it will have all the picture of event that were organized by you. So your portfolio must be good to in order to gain more clients.

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