The benefits of helicopter ride in Dubai

The benefits of helicopter ride in Dubai

If you’re looking for a truly amazing aerial view of Dubai, then you won’t regret trying a helicopter ride. Whether you want to witness the breathtaking beauty of the emirate’s skyline from above or feel the wind beneath your wings as you soar over its vast expanses of sand and desert, there is no better way to see the sights. Whether it’s a single or two-hour flight, you can decide how much time you want to spend watching the sights below and whether you’d like a more detailed tour of the area. From the stunning Raffles Hotel to the impressive Al Boom Tourist Village, there’s plenty of exciting ways to enjoy the benefits of helicopter ride in Dubai. Below are just a few of the experiences you can expect from the best helicopter ride in Dubai price.

If you’re looking for an experience that will give you an even better look at Dubai’s breathtaking scenery, look no further than the Raffles Hotel. A short walk from the hotel stands one of the most impressive man-made landmarks in the world, the Raffles Hotel Skyline. What you’ll see next is the Raffles Hotel’s famous Port Rashid tower, also known as the Emirates Tower due to its distinctive white-washed structure rising into the horizon. From this vantage point, you’ll be able to see all of the iconic landmarks of Dubai from above, including the Raffles Hotel Skyline and the artificial harbors at Satwa and Deira.

While on your flight to Dubai, make sure to check out the Dubai Creek, which is located within walking distance of the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The Dubai Creek is an artificial lake that offers water sports for both leisure and business travelers alike. Fly over in a helicopter and you’ll be able to see one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. After taking in the water, you can take a boat tour to one of the manmade islands in Dubai, which offer stunning views of the surrounding area.

After a short stop over at Satwa Island, another great attraction awaits you in Dubai. Deira Island offers a unique desert experience for visitors interested in a more active experience. At Deira, you can engage in a trek through the dessert on the way to the highest point in the area. From here, you can head towards the Palm Islands, where you will be treated to views of Mount Dubai and other iconic landmarks. From here, you can go back to the deserts of Deira or catch a flight back to Dubai to enjoy your helicopter ride.

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