Baby shower cakes: Here are different types

Different types of baby shower cakes

Cakes delivery in Dubai is very popular these days. Out of all the numerous occasions, one of the most popular events is the baby shower in which people love celebrating the joys associated with motherhood. An event like this is a big deal for the parents to be. People tend to throw grand parties in order to celebrate the arrival of a new member in their family. One of the most important things of the party is the cake and cake delivery services step into this matter, they come in handy to help the people select the perfect cake for their event. Cake delivery service providers make sure that the cake reaches the venue on time with it being absolutely fresh and fine. That is why we see a sudden growth in a baby shower cake Dubai. This article will feature different types of baby shower cakes.

Daffodil cake

In the fresh season of spring, a daffodil cake can be the perfect choice. Base made out of a citrusy orange sponge which is wrapped with a beautiful cream cheese glaze that is further decorated with orange peel on the top. This cake can beat the summer heat just by the looks of it so make sure that you consider ordering it for the next baby shower that you plan for a loved one.

Crumb coated three tiered cake

This minimalist cake goes well with almost any party theme and aesthetic. Loaded with fresh blueberries, this cake is very easy to make at home as well. Crumb coated three tiered cake is coated with buttercream and it is topped with edible flowers.

Pop-up cake

A pop-up cake can be just perfect for a party thrown to welcome a little one. This cake is constructed according to what the customer has asked for. On the top tier, a small animated object is placed that gives a vision of pop-up, matching just well with the innocence of a child. This animated object is made out of fondant. It can be easily mold into any shape and form that is why it is easy to work with.

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